It Ain’t All Bad

Daily writing prompt
Do you remember life before the internet?

As I scrolled through some posts and liked a few, I noticed a lot of posts talked of the “good ol’ days” as if everything about the internet were terrible. Although life before the internet was good, life after the internet isn’t so bad either. Yes, the “good ol days” were about playing outside, talking on a phone rather than texting, and reading paper books and magazines rather than scrolling on a screen yet, I find life with internet wonderful too. The internet is mostly likely why my husband and I are married today. Before the internet, we put pen to paper to keep in touch, miles and borders between us. The letter were slow to arrive and the information already slightly dated. As time passed, we lost touch, can’t say why. But then, the internet came out, I got an email and there was excitement again, similar to the time of getting letters. Now, hearing the dial up or the ping of the ICQ messenger service letting my know my love was online and chatting with me this is the new excitement and similar to the written letters but better. Today there is daily texting, less wait ,and more frequency. Wow! Sure, before the internet, life may have been better, but I am sure if you look closely, you can see life after the internet is just as good, just different than before.

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  1. MJ says:

    True! We have more time to do other tasks now.

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