Produce Something

“Do something that stays or sticks, produce something.  Instead of watching a movie or reading about other topics, why don’t you produce something that will stay or last.”   

Words of wisdom from my husband this morning.   My response, “Well everyone is posting IG videos on cooking or on being healthy, I will be just another person doing the same. I mean my friend Luis is posting veggie cooking, a chic from gym is posting healthy food recipes/videos on IG.  I thought to myself, if I am gonna do that, I want it to be different. And with that, I went about my daily business of doing nothing.    

But the fact of the matter is my husband got me thinking.  I thought, well,  I have a Fit Chics chat on WhatsApp, where I am the “coach or motivator” as I have been told, although I don’t see myself like that.  I have made some cooking videos for my friends, I have thought about creating a wine club, I am baking and have taken photos of the final products both good and bad, with all these things which do I concentrate on to create that “something that lasts or sticks as my husband says?!”  I thought about it for a bit, like twenty minutes, and decided NOT to choose one topic or theme and to include it all!

And so, here I am, writing my first blog post.  I have decided to write about everything and nothing all at the same time.  Sounds interesting, right, or maybe not!? I mean, why do I have choose or decide to focus on one topic or theme?   I have some many ideas and so much to say it’s too hard to choose just one, so, I have decided to share them all.  

As you read my blog, assuming you will be back, you will find random ideas and topics.  At this point I can’t even say how often I will posting, but I what I do know is I want to  share my ideas with others for the sole purpose of just sharing and for you to know that there is someone “out there” who possibly thinks like you, has provoked a new thinking within you, it is just plain crazy!  Which ever the case,  I hope you are entertained during this pandemic time.

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  2. GREAT thoughts! In my opinion, it is not the “perfect” model I need, it is to look at all those…

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