Dieting and Exercising.  

Eleven years ago, I joined a gym because I had a coupon for a certain amount of classes for a set price.  I decided to give going to the gym a try again. I had signed up at gyms previously many times before and I knew that I would probably attend for a bit but then my attendance would taper off and eventually I would stop.  Knowing this, I still decided to try again. I had a coupon after all.  I attended every session for a month.  I liked the coach, made quick gym friends in the month I attended, and I have been going ever since.  I currently attend the gym about four times a week and I still have some of the same friends as when I started..  When I don’t go to the gym on my scheduled days and times I usually get very stressed, mad or start complaining.   If I cannot make it to the gym or if it’s closed I do alternative things such as walking and running. Exercising has become a part of me. I do not think of it as a have too or a gotta do because.  I do it because I have seen the benefits of it..  

Once I started exercising regularly, I obviously thought “I have to eat properly.”  “ I need to go on a diet.”  The following month I got a coupon for a discount to see a nutritionist.  I had never been to one and decided to give it a try. I got my prescribed diet from the nutritionist and followed it.  I felt pressure as I had to return in a month to see my progress.  I stuck with the nutritionist and saw the results.  The weight came off.   With the nutritionist I learned how to eat properly.  It took time and there were setbacks but I kept at it.  Today, we are an “ ingredient household,”  which my son recently pointed out to me.  Overtime after making your food from ingredients rather than from boxes and cans, food tastes differently and eating what I call “processed” food is kinda gross, even desserts.    

Is eating healthy and exercising regularly easy?  No.  Is this quick? No. It’s a process.   It takes time, dedication, and setbacks.  But if you maintain your course it becomes part of you and you will see the long term benefits.  

Why did it stick this time? Accountability. I highly recommend going to a nutricionist and going to a small gym where everybody knows your name. Cheers!

Good luck to all those who have made this your resolution for 2023!

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