Billion Dollar Idea

A billion dollars sure sounds like a lot, and I am sure it is. But do I really need a billion dollars? Does anyone for that matter really need that much money?

What would I do with a billion bucks?

Well, I would definitely keep the amount needed for me and my immediate family to lead a comfortable life. After that, I would use it to do good.

I can also tell you what I definitely would not do with the money.

I would not give it to charity or donate it. Why? Mainly because I am not sure where that money goes, or how it is spent, and if it is spent how it should be. Surely some of the money is but I have doubts, some dollars may get lost along their way. What’s interesting too, is when those charities call me up for donations, I always respond with “I can donate my time but not money.” The solicitor, a bit shocked, takes a moment to think and always says someone will get back to me, but they never do. So, that’s why with the money I have left, I would look for ways in which I could directly help others. Once found, I would take the remaining and spend it myself ensuring that it is getting used as needed. This probably sounds like it might be a bit of work, but since I do not have work, I have the time. Right?

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