Anything Italian


Specifically, I enjoy preparing chicken parmesan.  

My love for eating and cooking Italian food came from my first boyfriend, Sal.  His parents were  from Italy, spoke Italian, and had connections, if you know what I mean.  Sal and I dated for roughly three years. At his house, there was a weekly meal plan.  You knew what you were eating by the day of the week it was.  Thursday night was spaghetti night.  I Loved Thursdays!   Wednesdays were for chicken cutlets, which is also a favorite of mine.   Saturday was lasagna and so on.  Each day had a dish.  I ALWAYS went over on Thursdays. 

When I arrived one Thursday, I was told there would be a slight change to the meal for that night.  I of course hid my dissatisfaction upon hearing  this news.  Can’t complain when eating at someone else’s house.  Right?  Why didn’t Sal tell me earlier?  Geez.   We sat down and Sal’s mom brought out  the glass dish.  I could see through the side of the dish the red sauce,  so that was good. She placed the dish on the table and now I could see the whitish, yellowish, brownish cheese on top.  “Tonight is chicken parm night, I had extra chicken so I used it to make this.”  announced Sal’s mom.  Ok. I thought.  She brought out the spaghetti and we began to eat.  Now, I don’t recall if I had ever had chicken parmesan before this evening, but it does not matter because this was the best chicken parmesan I had ever eaten.  It is because of THAT dish, on THAT night, I now love to make chicken parm.  I only make it once in a while and it’s a family favorite.  So there is a bit of excitement in the air when my family  knows I am going to make it. 

“Hey guess what mom is making? Chick parm!”    “Don’t eat a big lunch, save space!” 


  1. Helen says:

    I love this! I’m a big chicken parm lover too, and I first had it in a pub when I started dating my husband. I was anorexic at the time, I was loathing anything even remotely unhealthy but he convinced me that one portion of chicken parmesan was not going to kill me. Thanks to him I found my confidence, I regained my lost body weight and I found a love for a balanced and delicious diet. I also have friends in the region, a married couple from Sicily and Malta. Maria, my Maltese friend, has even been teaching me some Italian over Skype!

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  2. Briana says:

    I’ve never had chicken parm, but the first time I made eggplant parm…I was mad at myself for how long I’d been missing out!

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    1. Meeshell J says:

      Ohhh Eggplant another good one!!


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