Kitchen & School

“Ok boys and girls we are going to have a test after this.”  “Pay attention.”   I turned to the chalkboard and proceeded to teach my six dolls how to spell words.  Playing school was one of the things I did quite frequently.  I had good students, like Lisa, my dolly who always paid attention, but sometimes Ian the teddy bear  would misbehave and be sent to the principal’s office.  I had a large chalkboard, the one with two sides.  Saturday afternoons were my favorite time to play school.  

“Hi, welcome, may I take your order?”  With a quick flip of my chalkboard my room had transformed into a restaurant.  “And how would you like your eggs cooked?”   Playing kitchen was my second favorite activity.  One Christmas my parents gave me a kitchen that actually could use real water to wash my Holly Hobbie dishes and tea cups.  My mom would buy me the books with the carbon papers where I could take the orders.  My customers would always paid in cash and would get the right amount of change back because the digital cash register helped me figure out the change.  I did it all,  I cooked, waited and took payments.  I was definitely understaffed and sure if I got tips.   

These two activities, I cannot say if they were the dream jobs that I had thought about as a child but they were the two activities that I played the most in my room.  Today, these same two activities are the ones I most engage in. I currently work in the field of education. I teach middle schoolers and I have been teaching for over twenty years now,  a very gratifying while frustrating job.  I also enjoy cooking.  When I moved into my house, the first thing I did was remodel the kitchen to make it my dream kitchen.  I love to try new recipes and whip up desserts on any given day.  According to my kids “In this house, we eat very gourmet food.”   

Today’s question was a good one.  It brought back happy memories and realizations.   

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