Personal Space, Respect It!

WOW!   I had to look to other blogs for inspiration on this one.  This could turn into a TMI kinda thing. 

Well, I am definitely not the touchy feely kind of person.  I show loads of affection to my family within my household and that includes my dog Kiev, but other than that NADA.  I keep people at a distance.  Maybe it is a city thing, or I’ve watched too many Law and Order Special Victims Unit shows (Go Stabler!), or perhaps that’s just the way I am.   I live in a place where it is customary to greet each other with a kiss on the cheek, both family and friends and perhaps new acquaintances.  I thought with the pandemic this little pesky tradition would have gotten cut out.  But no, the custom carries on although I do think there have been some adjustments depending on the people.  This is a custom of which I do not adhere to and  I am selective as to who I greet in this manner.  Usually, I walk into a home or place and say hello in general to people while other family members do the customary cheek kiss. I am aware that new people meeting me may find me rude, but if they are important enough to matter they will eventually understand, otherwise it does not matter.  As for my family outside my four walls,  they  understand cheek kisses are not my style.

As for work, I have a couple of co-workers that are huggers.  Sometimes they run up to me and hug me.  Omgoodness! Overwhelming.  Personal space invasion!   Not sure what to do with that, but they know me by saying,  “I know you are not a hugger, but I am going to hug you anyway.”  OK.  I guess.  I do appreciate it and I wonder if they think by doing it will convert me into a hugger or perhaps they secretly despise me and this is their form of revenge. Should I ask?   

So in general I would say, I am a keep your distance kinda person!  It’s just simply the way I am. 

Air kisses accepted. Well, maybe. 

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Some traditions are harder than others to deal with. About the “huggers,” I think most are just expressing themselves in the way they know—my dad’s family were definitely NOT HUGGERS and my mom’s family were HUGGERS so I watched this play out over many years and heard much complaining from my dad after every visit to mom’s family and heard mom complaining about how “cold” my dad’s family was. It seems it is all a matter of what you are accustomed to and, if your love language is not physical touching, then allowing others to express themselves by hugging (within your limits) can be looked at as simply a form of communication in a language you are not comfortable with and you can set boundaries. Love languages are different for each of us.

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