Book Review – Fallen Idols


Fallen Idols by Alex von Tunzelmann delves into the sticky topic of statues. If you are a history buff, you may be not be too impressed with this book, but if you are someone like me who only knows the history that you were taught in school, then I would recommend this book. Tunzelmann examines the colorful history of twelve men. George Washington, Saddam Hussain, and Cecil Rhodes to name a few. Tunzelmann compounds the reasonings for and against the tearing down monuments erected in the name of prominent men of history.

Much information is omitted from history lessons in school in order to paint a rosy historical picture of ones nation, so that one can be proud, but this colored version of history gives us a skewed view of history. Fallen Idols not only gives a more complete picture of twelve particular men but points out that perhaps we must do our research in order for us to have a more accurate picture of our history. So the next time you look at a monument in your town or city ask yourself, what do I really know about this dude and what else do I need to know?

Happy Reading!

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