How do you define it?

Deep, personal, subjective is how I define this question.

How do I define success? My answer is, it depends. First, I believe you should be using your own measuring stick, not societies measuring stick, to determine your success, but we tend to use societies stick instead.

Take for example grades and school. We use a random set of numbers, which were decided by a group people, who knows when ,to determine whether a person is successful in school or not. Then we take these numbers and tell people that they can or can’t get into a school based on that number. If the number is high, your are successful and get to go to a “good” college and if it is low, you are not successful and your college options are limited. But, does this number help to determine a person’s success? No, of course not. There are a multitude of things, to many to list and discuss here in this blog, that go into determining a person’s success in school, their occupation and in their life. Using that societal measuring stick to determine success is well, no bueno, not good.

Success, is determined by each individual person. Outsiders can and will use their own measuring stick to judge you, which is bad and needs to stop. The question is, how do we instill this thinking in the future generations? Should we?

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  1. Good point on school. I agree. Great post.

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