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Last year,  as I was showering, I felt it in my boob.  I ignored it.  The next day I when I showered, I felt it again.  Gonna ignore it and see if it goes away,  I thought to myself.   Well another two days passed and it didn’t go away and I finally admitted to myself that I felt a lump in my breast.    I was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after that and the process removing the cancer from my body began.  Today I am so grateful and thankful to say I am cancer free.  I caught it early.    

Of course having cancer and pondering the idea of dying before “your time”  changes you in many many ways.  Particularly for me, having cancer has changed my habits in the area of food and fitness.  I eat much healthier and I am much more fit than I ever was before in my life.    

This section of my blog will be dedicated to all things food and health.  Notice I said food and not healthy food, cause I still eat my brownies and cookies.  It is my hopes you find the information to be useful or inspirational in some way.  Enjoy.  

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