Family Tree

How far can you go back in your family tree?

Not to far. My family is very small and getting smaller as the time passes. My mother immigrated to the US when she was young and with that basically leaving all family ties behind. My parents divorced when I was young and all ties were cut with my father’s side of the family. Although, the little that I do know about my father’s side, it would be worth looking into how and why the ended up in America. Being that my family is small, I do cherish it. At times I do not understand how some families squabble over what I consider to be trivial things or even go so far in to stop talking all together. In the end, family are just people and like with any other people in life some you like and some you don’t. That’s just how the tree grows.


  1. Mine is very small as well. I may try Ancestry again to see what I can find, but I imagine records will be more non-existent the farther I go back. You are absolutely right.. Life is short.

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    1. Meeshell J says:

      My son keeps telling me to try Ancestry. Skeptical.

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