Short and Sweet

I have not written in a long while. Getting back into it today.

Today’s post is about motivation. My smart watch just sent me a message, ” You can still do it!” I looked at my watch as I woke up from my long unintended afternoon nap and thought, “Self, no you can’t!” I guess I am tired and I am in no state to be active. Although these messages are meant to motivate me to get up and exercise, today is clearly not one them. As I lay in bed, I ponder the idea, does this “You can still do it” message ever really work on me? Have I ever gotten the automatic message and said to myself, “Self, yes you can!” “Let’s go and exercise!” I don’t think so, nice try I guess. The question I am left with is, does this message really work for anyone?! If it does, please drop me a note and share a moment.

Actually, the message did motivate me or at least it sparked creatvitiy within me. It gave me something to blog about.

Until next time,

Relaxed and chilled.

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