Memorable Gift

A large, white soft plushy bear, with a big red bow wrapped around its neck, given to me on Valentine’s Day by Tony Bolzomi, I would say is one of my most memorable gifts. My doorbell rang early one evening and everyone rushed to the door, this was time before cell phones and technology, and there he stood with the big white bear in front of him. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” “This is for you!” My mom was standing right there with me at the door. I grabbed the bear, said thank you, asked who drove him over to my house and then said, ” See you tomorrow” and shut the door. No hug, no peck on the cheek, nothing. I was so embarrassed. Omg! He came to my house! I think we dated for another week and we were over.

That bear was in my room all through my teenage years. When I moved out, I wrapped the bear in plastic so that it would not get covered in dust. To this day, I have the bear. One day I will pass on this special gift to my future grandchild. Yes, the bear skipped my children. Oh well.

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  1. What’s the bear’s name? What a lovely, sweet gift. 😊

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