I am not a fiction reader or writer. I do not care of artistic writing. Today’s prompt was a big challenge for me. Below you will find two poems. The first poem was written by me. I then gave it to my son to read and he took my “infantial,” according to my husband, writing and made some adjustments, improvements really. Lesson learned, incorporate more creative reading and writing into my life. Let me know what your thoughts in the comments.

As always thanks for reading.

Fickle Love

As, I know I am not a our love is a fickle one.

There are moments I really can’t stand you. Such as

6:45 am, as I stand on the roofless train platform or,

as you cover me while I walk up or down the stairs of a subway station.

But there are other times during our relationship in which I don’t mind have you around. Such as

on a warm summer’s night as I lay in bed, the sound you make lulls me to sleep or,

while I sit cozy in my chair reading with a good book.

Hateful moments have arisen to in our relationship too.

Suddenly when you rise up and destroy all that an area or,

Quite the opposite when there has been no sighting of you that for so long that the earth begins to crack.



Fickle Love – Revised.

sometimes i cant stand you,

when you drench me as I stand on roofless train platforms,

or as I make my way down the avenues of the city,

but our love is a fickle one,

i love you on a warm summer day,

when your gentle serenades lull me to sleep,

or how you comfort me when I read late at night,

suddenly, you act up,

you engulf us with a pure rage,

or vanish without a trace,

until the earth’s surface cracks,

and maybe,

only when we beg and chant,

rain comes back.

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