Book Review

Brother’s Keeper by Julie Lee

This is a historical fiction novel set in the time of the Korean War, 1950’s.

Anger, fear, hope, joy, elation, and heartbreak are the range of emotions one will experience while reading Brother’s Keeper. Set in the 1950’s during the Korean War, also known as the forgotten war, it tells a story of a sister and brother’s survival as they are separated from the parents during their escape from the North to the South of Korea. Normally I do not read in the genre of ficiton because I struggle with elaborate detail that some authors tend to use, but Brother’s Keeper is written with just enough detail to create images but not overally done to make one want to skip words or whole sentences. The novel also touches upon Korean traditions, customs and family dynamics. I highly recommend this book as you will learn a bit about the “forgotten war,” culture and at the same time be entertained.

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