What is a treasure that has been lost?

Story One

I walked into my best friend’s house the other day and found no one to greet me. I asked myself where is everyone?! Yes, I can just walk into my friend’s house without ringing the bell or knocking, she knew I was coming. But when I walked in, I saw no one or heard no one. “HELLO?” I said. My friend, Lisa, screamed from upstairs to come on up. I asked, “Hey where is everyone?” she replied that everyone was home somewhere in the house. While she continued to get ready, I decided to go and say hi to the folks. I wandered through the house looking for Lisa’s sons and husband. As I walked down the hall, I found Mark in his room, on his computer watching Rick and Morty and Jon was in his room on his computer watching a movie. Lisa’s husband was nowhere to be seen so I went back down to see if he was in the kitchen or garage. I found him in the family room watching a movie.

Story Two

“Everyone packed? Let’s go!” We are headed to our friend’s beach house. It’s an hour and half from where we live. Immediately my husband’s phone connects to the car radio and starts playing his 80’s rock music. Right away my sons and I roll our eyes and groan. Same old music. Both my son’s take our their headphones, pods, or whatever they are now called and put them on. I too wanted to do that but well that would be rude, I guess. Nobody wanted to listen to what was playing on the car stereo.

Communal happenings or things once shared by a small group because there was no other option, is disappearing or has already disappeared. Today, individualism is the in. Streaming services tailor to our individual tastes. Gone is the gathering together and having to see and hear what others are interested in watching or listening to. The effect, the loss of discovery and open mindness. These two things, discovery and open mindness, are the lost treasures of the rise of individualism. This is not to say we will not continue to learn or discover new things, but the discovery will be biased.

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  1. Great post. It’s so true. There is a distinct lack of shared experience in the modern world. We are very cut off in our own bubble.

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