Stop giving baby dolls to little girls as toys.

The other day I was holiday shopping and I noticed an little girl walking just ahead of me. I could see that she was carrying a baby doll with her and walking ever so carefully with it. I was fine. But as I continued to walk and she in front of me, I realized I couldn’t stop staring at the little girl with her baby doll and its pacifier. I knew I was staring. Why was I staring though?

Was she cute? Maybe.

Was it because she was slow? Maybe.

Was she saying something in a cute way? Maybe.

But I was staring for non of those reasons.

The image of the little girl with her toy doll disturbed me. I was annoyed by this site. What is this child being taught? What messages are we instilling within her at a young age? That…

It is easy to care for a baby.

Babies will stay quiet as you walk around.

Cradling a baby while walking around doing holiday shopping is a piece of cake, no stroller needed.

As I continue to walk, the little girl and her family went into store disappearing out of my sight. But the thoughts remained. What is she learning in this situation? Should we be giving girls dolls as toys. And if by doing so, what exactly are we teaching our little girls about the future? About marriage and family traditions, or that having a kid is easy because they will be quiet and still and you will be able to walk around with them effortlessly.

I do not know what message is being learned, but for now, please stop giving dolls to little girls.

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