Webster’s definition: having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty : having or showing courage.

I do not think of myself to be brave. I took a moment to look the word up and think. When I hear the word brave, I think of those who have faced dangered and fear to save the lives of others or of the bystander who faces danger and fear when they step in to rescue someone in a serious situation. I have never done such things although I would like to think that when presented with the opportunity I would rise to the occasion.

So am I brave? How am I brave? Have I ever been brave? I had to seriously ponder this one.

Back in 1999, I decided to move from the US to a country in Central America not knowing the langauge or the culture. Twenty-three years later, I am still here enjoying the tropical life. Uprooting your life and leaving your family behind takes courage and forces you to face some fears.

Yes. I am brave.

I recently read a book titled Toxic Positivity by Whitney Goodman. It talks of our culture’s obsession to maintain positivity not matter what. You hear this and see this all around you with expressions like ” think positive” and “good vibes only.” Overall, I am a positive person. I am not miss doom and gloom, but I am the person at the meeting that will speak the truth about a situation which may not be positive. This of course gets me the occasional head shake or comment “let’ stay positive.” Speaking up and pointing out the ugly truths is what I do. So…

Yes. I am brave.

After thought, I came up with a few other situations in which consider myself to be brave. But why boast? Although I have not necessarily faced danger to show bravery as stated in Webster’s definition, I have shown bravery through “showing courage.”

Wait. Does that make me brave or courageous? You decide.


  1. It makes you brave AND courageous. Happy 1023!

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    1. Meeshell J says:

      Thanks! Feel good moment.


  2. I agree with issababy – you are brave and courageous!

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