Made to Feel Sexy

by accident.

the dog barked. i looked out the peep hole. oh it’s the delivery company! my packages are here! nipple hard on! this was something i realized upon reflection.

i scrambled to open the door because i forgot the dog was outside. although only a an 9month old puppy, i was not sure if she would react. as I opened the door, the dog came charging.

oh no! she’s gonna bite!

luckily she did not. she ONLY jumped on the delivery guy. i screamed for my daughter to help as i opened the screen door. totally mortified, i grabbed for my dog’s collar with one hand, reached my other hand out towards mr. delivery, and held the screen door open with my leg. mr. delivery kindly handed me my packages, recorded whatever he needed to on his machine, looked up at me, smiled, looked again, his eyes popped and he then scurried away. hm. as i stumbled back into the house, i realized why mr. delivery’s eyes were popping.

i was braless, and my medium sized breasts danced with a nipple hard on while retrivieving both my dog and my packages. I smiled.

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