I just stumbled upon the monthly word prompt @wordpress.   Immediately excitement set upon me as I have been stumped for ideas in writing for some time.  A prompt is exactly what I need to get me out of this slump.  Then, I saw the word prompt.  Green. And nothing.  At first I thought, what kind of word prompt is green?  I turned to Reader of WordPress for inspiration.  But, I  still got nothing.  So, I kinda gave up or at least I thought I had.   But then I noticed the word green continued popping into my mind!  What can I write about green? And it finally came to me.  

Green, looks terrible on me.  It is a color I dislike to wear, so I tend to stay away from clothes in green.  I own one green shirt. I never wear it. Why do I keep it? I should probably donate it. 

Green,  is also the color of grass, it’s related to nature, trees and flowers, but nothing new there.  

Green, I noticed, is the color of @Whatapp, @Facetime, @Spotify, and @iMessages.  I guess its is a popular color for app logo designers.  Have developers noticed how many apps use the color green?! I cannot believe they would choose to continue to use a color that other apps with similar purposes are using.  Is this being done on purpose?! Maybe.  Does the color green do something to us psychologically? Is this why there are a four apps on my home bar with the color green?  Hmm.

Green, with envy and social media.  Not a weird combo.  If you think about it, there are those who scroll through their social media accounts and become “green with envy” based on what they see others “doing” or at least portraying themselves to be doing or having.  This then led me to think about how this has become an “issue” with some of younger generations   I am grateful that I did not have social media as a teenager because it probably would have caused me additional teenage stress and pressure. Things I did not need more of. 

In the end, green, the word prompt @wordpress accomplished what it was suppose to do.  Get me writing again.  Who knew?!  Well, someone obviously did.

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