Getting It Wrong

There are a few things wrong. I say a few, but it’s more. I will only touch on one for now.  

 I recently read an article in the Economist which pointed out we, The United States,  is the only developed country without universal health care.  Wow!  I let that sink in for a moment.  


Why?  Can we not afford it?  

I question. Is there something wrong in making sure that all its members of the country have equal access to decent healthcare?   I know we have various systems in place, private and public health care, and I know people can see a doctor IF they fall into a particular range or  meet certain requirements.  But what about those who don’t meet all the requirements or just go over the requirements?   There are millions who have this issue and as a result are either without healthcare or poor healthcare.  Why is that? 

Is not every person entitled to healthcare? 

For a country who boasts on being aces, tops, the best, when one reads that there are 27 million who are without healthcare or thousands die a year because they do not have access to proper healthcare due to lack of insurance and money, one should really stop and ask why is this happening?  Why do we allow this to continue?  And are we really the best?  No.  Not if someone dies because they could not go to a doctor because they cannot afford to. 

We  have the highest rate of diabetes, heart and lung disease, obesity and STDS compared to other developed countries.   Perhaps this is why our elected officials don’t implement universal healthcare, it’s too costly, but hey, we are the best! Right?

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