What Is Everyone Talking About?!

A bunch of sissies I tell ya!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I got my first covid test. Well, my second, if you count the one I did at a drive through pharmacy window. I was plesantly surprised. Not at all as I had expected. I guess its because I have heard only about how uncomfortable it is or how it hurts a little. I gotta tell ya, for me, it tickled. I mean, like, flat out tickled. I could not control my laughter. It was ridiculous if I say so myself. I think the whole lobby heard me laughing so hard and yelling, “Take it out! It tickle it tickles!”

I know the experience is different for everyone and my experience does not invalidate all others, but I really was surprised. I started to think why did I think it was going to be terrible? Well, I guess its because most people I have spoken to, who have take a covid test, said it was extremely uncomfortable, or just plain awful. “It doesn’t hurt, but it is just a really uncomfortable feeling. “

Well I am here to let you know there may be another outcome to your experience, it could tickle too!

Stay safe!

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