New WhatsApp Feature


WhatsApp the popular texting app, for mostly those outside the US, has incorporated a speed option for voice notes! Amazing! And, can I just say, this was absolutely needed! I, for one, tend to send voice notes because I’ve got shit to say, and sometimes it’s a lot. Texting just takes too long for somethings plus you lose the attitude or sarcasm in a text. So a voice is needed. Or, it could be that I am from back in the day, you know, when phones were used to communicate via voice.

This speed feature was a wonderful surprise for me on this day, especially because my friend Karen sent me a voice note. Her voice notes tend to be a bit long winded, interesting, but looong winded. Today I was able to reduce her 8 minute message down to half the time. Granted she sounded like tape being eaten by a machine, but I understood the message and it was quick. I of course, used the fastest speed which is 2x, but you can listen at normal speed,1x, or at an in between speed of 1.5. With an 8 minute message on a 5 minute break you can see why and how this new little feature is handy! This feature also comes in handy for messages that you just really don’t want to listen to but have to. Now you can just speed up the note and cut down on the annoyance.

I, for one, am celebrating this added feature. Now if WhatsApp could add a feature of sending things to the self because there are times I need to send things to myself and can’t. Hopefully soon though!

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