Is China Really a Threat

Or is it Self Sabatage?

Update: a pedestrian bridge and a residential building have recently collapsed. I think it’s time we start holding our politicians / government accountable.

Infrastructure spending, free two year college and health care for all. Radcial ideas. Have we gone mad?! Are we in Kansas Toto?! No. We are not. This is The United States of America, and you know what? We can’t seem to get our shit together!

Our report card is in. C- is our grade. According to the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, a C- is the grade that the American Society of Civil Engineers gives us for infrastructure in America. A C- is all we could muster up. Sad really. Cs and Ds is the grade that we have be getting over the years, since 1998. Here are some simple reasons why:

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Our roads either stink or don’t exist at all. 43% of our roadways are in poor or mediocre conditions. If you live in New York, you surely can experience these poor road conditions on a daily basis driving around on the 495 or Sunrise Highway. Spending on improving our roads has been in the decline for some time now.

Now, let’s take a look at water. We waste water. Did you know there is a water main break every two minutes, and we lose 6 billion gallons of water EVERYDAY. I wonder what the residents of California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona think about this? I am sure the states that suffer drought conditions and water rationing don’t appreciate hearing that little fun fact.

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Despite the popularity of parks and outdoor recreation, spending on parks is also down. Which means deteriorating parks, parking areas, and drinking water systems within parks. Less parks are also being planned for. Oh well, I guess our kids can play in those run down streets of their neighbors.

It seems our educational system is not fairing too well either. Well I think. I am not really sure. Why? Well it seems to be a lack of information/data on this topic. What we do know is that state capital funding fell 31% for schools between 2007-2018. That equates to about a 20 billion dollar cut. We also know that 53% of public school districts report the need to update or replace multiple building systems. We also know teachers are not getting paid enough, but a topic of discussion for another day.

And lastly let there is our health care system. If you search for information on the ranking of the US health care system you find varied answers. We are ranked last among the top developed countries or we are ranked at 22 or we are ranked at the bottom of a list. It depends on what is being compared which makes the answer to the question where do we rank a bit complicated. With that being said, one idea that does not pop out is that The United States has the top health care system. Nope. We are not aces or tops, not number 1 or even great.

If you look at our report card over the past years, you will only see Cs and Ds and an F or two as our overall grade. Imagine if your child continued to to get Cs and Ds year after year. Some of us would call into question why this was happening, start looking at the different components that contribute to the possibilities that lead to your child getting a constant C or D. We would demand changes. Shouldn’t WE be doing this to our own systems and politicians that are in place.

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Is China or any other country for that matter a threat to us or are we just self sabotaging? We have been hearing how we have to make America great again. But how can we make America great if we can’f fix or improve upon our basic problems. We don’t want to spend on ourselves. Currently there is talk about the budget and spending but there is also a lot of noise out there too. This noise, is a distraction to move us away from the real issues. This noise is to create a divide among us. This noise, is precisely what is stopping us from making us great. The powers that be do not have our best interests at heart. If they did, we would not be cutting spending on education. We need our people to be educated, ALL, our people and EQUALLY, not just some . Instead they are distracting us with issues such as immigration, illegals, benfits to the illegals, crime and the list goes on. BUT what about our own, our own that are homeless, jobless, without health care, without proper education, our citizens. They WE are hurting too, hurting even more I would say. How can we be great if only SOME OF US ARE GREAT ? It’s not like we don’t have the money. We do. We just don’t to spend it on us. Why is that?

Check out how your state is doing. What grade it is earning?


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