An Ideal Day

Describe your most ideal day from begining to end.


Second cup of coffee.

Seated in my reading chair with the bay windows ajar, summer, spring, early fall only.

Slight breeze.

First cup, scrolling through social media.

Second cup, book in hand

Third cup, a skip through morning shows, stop only if mildly entertaining.

Time to get ready for what may come, if anything.

Move to cream colored sofa.

Watch Law & Order SVU marathon or The Closer

Lunch. Homemade. No processed food please.

A bit of reading or writing perhaps.

Looking, searching, internet.

More TV

What shall I eat for dinner?

Move back to reading chair in front of bay window. Feet up on ottaman.

Dinner, pan seared chicken breast with sliced avocado and boiled sweet potatoes.

Family talk via phone.

Change. Ready for bed.

Cream colored sofa.

More TV, a movie perhaps, binge a show, or maybe read again.


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  1. Sounds really nice. 😊

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