Throwing Shade

“We all got crowns” from Taylor Swift’s song You Need to Calm Down resonates with me. 

While I do agree with the idea that all women have crowns, unfortunatley we have NOT figured this out as the song goes on to say.  Women pull each other down. We criticize and judge each other from anything to everything, the way we dress, too fat, too skinny, doesn’t act her age, cradle robber, slut, bad mom, terrible wife, can’t cook and so on.  Why do we do this? 

Where is the perfect model we are supposed to be following?  Some may instinctively answer God, but I am leaving religion out of this because when we are calling women fat, ugly and a bad mom, religion is not around . So, besides God, is there a universal standard we women should all be adhering to?  If  such a model or standard exist, can it please be shared universally? 

About a year ago I decided to no longer partake in putting another woman down, rather I decided to repsond to such situations by saying something positive or simply not responding. The not responding really confuses people. I believe women need to stand up for and support one another rather than spend time and energy knocking each other down.  Whether you agree or disagree with what she is doing or saying, we should support.  Why?  Because we are all trying to do our best with what we have learned from generations before and from ourselves at present.  Are we perfect? No.  Are we doing our best, yes.  No perfect model has been presented as of yet, and until one is put forth for all to follow, “We all got Crowns!”  So, wear yours proudly, and help keep all other crowns shiny too. 

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  1. Jeanne says:

    GREAT thoughts! In my opinion, it is not the “perfect” model I need, it is to look at all those who have struggled and fallen and gotten up to show others the way through as they stand, not victorious, but bruised, worn, and filled with hope for the coming day . . . may your message be heard throughout the world and may we help shine those “crowns” for each other everywhere we go!

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